Catch Of The Week – Elves Got That Good Good

This weeks catch is lifted from, what at first looks, a rather bizarre compilation courtesy of the Grasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As an early Christmas present they’ve collated a range of tracks from bands and artists that have graced the homegrown psychedelic venue over the past year or so, hence the eclecticness.  Disappointingly for us the compilation is not particularly to our taste but there are a couple that stand out, and none more so than a cheeky little number from our old friend Sweater Beats.

As you may remember Sweater Beats was one of our early COTW‘s and now the only producer to be featured twice, strange considering we’d never heard of him before we started Dub Bait!

The track itself is a short and modest sounding little number, but still retains SB’s tight production, and with its warm Christmas cheer has easily beaten off all other competition this week.  In all honestly though, it’s probably the beautifully timed sample at 1:35 from ‘Elf’ that sold us, it actually made me laugh on first listen! I’m far too easily pleased!

Anyway check it out along with his other tracks as it seams he’s been exploring new territory of late and ‘nailing it’ pretty damn good! …nothing new there then!

Sweater Beats – Elves Got That Good Good



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